Fall is the perfect time for planting!

40% off Rose bushes and 20% off perennials*, vines, evergreens*, shrubs and groundcovers!!!  25% off both Bougainvillea & tropical Hibiscus in 10in or larger pots!  Sale valid through Friday August 31st.  *Mums, holly (Ilex), boxwood (Buxus) and Dwarf Alberta Spruce are not included in the sale!

Fall Magic plants like mums, kale, pansies, grasses and Rudbeckia are here and ready to spruce up your garden and pots!

 We also have a great selection of air plants, cacti, succulents, foliage and blooming houseplants in stock.   

FYI -- It is important to keep to a consistent watering schedule. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of watering thoroughly when you water.  This encourages deep roots to form which increases the drought tolerance of plants.

We recommend providing fresh water not only for birds and other small animals that may reside in your landscape.  During dry periods and winter, water can be very difficult for them to find.

***Please check out our new Plant Finder/Search link (next to the home tab) above.  It is a great tool for finding plants as well as identifying bugs and weeds.   We have also expanded our garden calendar tab content so check that out too!!

PESTS and other issues…

 It is often very difficult for us to give accurate pest advice over the phone. Please bring in samples of problems in a ziploc baggie and we’ll diagnose and advise you on choices for control.  For lawn issues we prefer a large sample...approx. 1 ft square and 6in deep.  Preferably 1/2 good and 1/2 bad so we can see how the problem is progressing through the lawn.  Thank you!