Happy Memorial weekend and welcome back sunshine!

This week kicks off lots of specials!!! 20% off: clematis vines, glass terrariums, Myke root stimulator, pumps, Ups-A-Daisy pot inserts, windchimes and garden hats! 25% off: pottery (plastic, clay, glazed indoor, metal, etc), garden pillows, decorative stakes, kinetic stakes & wind spinners, summer bulbs, solar lighting, kids garden accessories and straw bales! 30% off: outdoor Asian pottery, doormats, plant stands, raised bed kits & bags, lanterns and sloggers gardening shoes! 40% off: large Crescent upscale resin pots, 14in Sansevieria and 14-17in Fiddle Leaf Ficus! 50% off: Tall Equinox fountain, D’Angelo corner fountain, Rockface 7-pour fountain, Revelation Jar fountain, Parlor 2-tier fountain, Milky Spore powder, coffee mugs, lotions and lip balms! 75% off: metal benches, concrete benches and the Banyan table with 4 stools!  

The greenhouses are full of beautiful flowers ready to be taken home. So come on in to check it out and start your spring planting!

Remember to harden your plants off for a few days to acclimate them to the cool nights and our intense sun before planting.

Get a jump on those pesky JAPANESE BEETLES before they emerge in spring…50% OFF MILKY SPORE!!!   We also have a new line of products to battle the beetles called GrubGone! and BeetleGone! These are organic and safe to use in your vegetable garden, around kids and pets as well as pollinator safe!!!

As many of you have heard our property is being purchased by the City of Denver and will be turned into a park within a couple of years. For spring it is business as usual for us and the greenhouses are full of flowers with more coming every day! We currently anticipate the store will close permanently sometime in late summer. Thank you for all the wonderful years!!!

PESTS and other issues…

It can be very difficult for us to give accurate pest advice over the phone. Please bring in fresh samples of problems in a ziploc baggie and we’ll diagnose and advise you on choices for control.  For lawn issues we prefer a large sample...approx. 1 ft square and 6in deep.  Preferably 1/2 good and 1/2 bad so we can see how the problem is progressing through the lawn.  Thank you and we look forward to helping your plants be beautiful!