Gardening by dates calendar:


- Remember to winter water every 5-6 weeks!


- Remember to winter water every 5-6 weeks!

-Buy your sweetheart a pretty blooming plant that will last much longer than cut flowers.

- Around Valentine's Day cut back all your ornamental grasses.


-Once available, you can plant pansies and violas!  Harden them off for a few days to acclimate them to the cool nights before planting.

- Begin planting your cole crop vegetables starting on St Patrick's Day.  Carrots, lettuce, peas, radish, turnips, spinach, arugula, broccoli, potatoes, asparagus roots, onions, garlic, celery, swiss chard, mustard greens and kale.


- Between end of March and Tax Day (approx. mid April) apply your first application of lawn food.  Either use Pro-Rich lawn food or some sort of pre-emergent like crabgrass or All Seasons.  Keep in mind it's still too cool for a weed & feed!

-End of April begin planting summer bulbs like dahlias and gladiolas.


- Depending on the weather, you can begin planting your more tender annuals between Mother's Day and Memorial Day.  Don't forget to harden your plants off first so they acclimate to the direct sun and cool nights.

-Around Memorial Day Fertilize your lawn with Pro-Rich lawn food or a weed & feed.

-Open Memorial Day until 3pm!




- Fertilize your lawn around July 4th with Pro-Rich lawn food.

-Open 4th of July until 3pm!


- Plant Iris rhizomes and fall blooming crocus.


- Fertilize your lawn around Labor Day with Pro-Rich lawn food.

-Open Labor Day until 3pm!

-Purchase fall bulbs for gorgeous spring color!


-Plant pansies, mums and fall kale.

-In mid October plant your fall bulbs.  Plant deep and use bulb food!

-Fertilize your lawn around Halloween with Pro-Rich Winterizer.

-Open Halloween Day until 4pm!


-Begin planting paperwhite bulbs at 3 week intervals for blooming through the holidays.

-Plant Amaryllis bulbs!

-Remember to winter water every 5-6 weeks!

-Christmas trees, greens and Poinsettias arrive in mid November.

-Closed Thanksgiving Day!  Open Thanksgiving eve until 3pm!


- Remember to winter water every 5-6 weeks!

-Closed Christmas Day through New Years Day!  Open Christmas eve until 3pm!