Gardening by dates calendar:


- Closed New years day.

- Get a new houseplant to fill up the empty area left behind after the Christmas tree was tossed.

- Remember to winter water every 5-6 weeks!


- Remember to winter water every 5-6 weeks!

-Buy your sweetheart a pretty blooming plant for Valentine's Day!!  Live plants will last much longer than cut flowers.

- Around Valentine's Day cut back all your ornamental grasses.  Also cut back and feed your geraniums and other annuals you wintered over inside the house.  The days are now getting longer and this will give them time to get big and pretty with new growth for spring.


-Once available, you can plant pansies and violas!  Harden them off for a few days to acclimate them to the cool nights before planting.

- Begin planting your cole crop vegetables starting on St Patrick's Day.  Carrots, lettuce, peas, radish, turnips, spinach, arugula, broccoli, potatoes, asparagus roots, onions, garlic, celery, swiss chard, mustard greens and kale.

- End of March is a great time to sprinkle out new seed to thicken your lawn!  Most Denver lawns are primarily bluegrass.  We like to add a fine bladed fescue.  Bluegrass likes the cool spring and fall weather best and poops out when the heat of summer comes on.  The fescue prefers the heat of summer over the cool spring and fall so the two partner together nicely for a beautiful lawn all the time!  Low Grow Low Maintenance is our preferred local blend of fescue seed mix.


Apply a thin layer of top soil, compost or aged manure to turf areas after aeration to strengthen the lawn, reduce water use and minimize weeds.  This really helps keep the root system happy and growing in our horrible clay soils.

PLANT: Cool Season Annual Color such as Alyssum, Snapdragons & Dianthus. Plant perennials and shrubs too! 

- WEED PREVENTION: Late march to mid April is the time to apply Corn Gluten Meal, or non-organic pre-emergent, like Fertilome All Seasons to inhibit weeds from developing from seed. Be ready to apply by April 15th.  This is a preventative measure, so it won't cure existing weeds, but will prevent new ones from coming up.  Have more questions: Come stop by the Greenhouse and our friendly staff can guide you to the most effective product for your lawn!    If weeds are not an issue use Pro-Rich lawn food.  Keep in mind it's still too cool for a weed & feed!

- Plant strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and grapes.

- End of April begin planting summer bulbs like dahlias and gladiolas.


- PLANT: Annual Color and Perennials Now!  Tropicals are coming in now and the selection will grow as the season permits.  Brighten your Porch with a beautiful Patio garden or Hanging Basket arranged by our staff!  Want to get your hands dirty?  Then come and we can teach you how to build your own color bowl from our large annual selection!  Depending on the weather, you can begin planting your more tender annuals between Mother's Day and Memorial Day.  Don't forget to harden your plants off first so they acclimate to the direct sun and cool nights.  Fertilize regularly throughout the summer with Happy Frog Fruit & Flower plant food (monthly) or Jack's Blossom Booster (weekly) to enhance blooming.

-Around Memorial Day Fertilize your lawn with Pro-Rich lawn food or a weed & feed.

- Very important...Feed your entire perennial garden with Gro-Rich Rose & Perennial food every month from Mother's Day through Labor Day.

- Apply beneficial nematodes to control over 250 soil dwelling insects like grubs, sod webworms and other damaging insects.

- Begin planting warm weather vegetables after the danger of frost has passed. Plant tomato, pepper, squash, beans, cucumbers, melons and more.

-Open Memorial Day until 3pm!  Get outside with your family and friends!!


-National perennial month!  Now that most of the annuals have been planted you can plant perennials that will return year after year.

- Be sure to follow a monthly feeding program for roses and blooming perennials using Gro-Rich Rose & Perennial food.

- Hand-water newly planted plants daily for the first two weeks to make sure they get established.  Even drought tolerant plants need this extra care in the beginning until they get settled in.  

- Prune spring-flowering shrubs and trees after they finish blooming.  Don't procrastinate, it needs to happen within 30 days of their finishing blooming.

- PLANT… heat loving season color!  We have LOTS to choose from, such as Lantana, Zinnias, Vinca, Pentas, Portulaca/Purslane … just to name a few!  When choosing Perennials remember that we are here to help you pick the “Right Plant for the Right Place”!  Incorporate some tropical color out on your patio or pool deck to give your outdoor spaces some extra pizzazz … such as tropical Hibiscus, Mandevilla, and Bougainvillea.  Most tropical color blooms on new growth, so be sure to fertilize monthly through the summer with Happy Frog Fruit & Flower plant food to enhance blooming.

- Apply Slug Magic to control snails and slugs.

- Be sure to maintain a 2" layer of mulch on your planting beds to keep weeds down and trap in moisture to reduce watering.  This is very important before summer's heat arrives! 

- Hand water newly planted plants to help them establish before the heat of summer kicks in. Remember our plants have been grown with regular watering in their pots. You need to hand water them after planting for the first two to three weeks and gradually wean them off frequent watering as their root system establishes in your landscape. Once established (about a month) they can survive on less water.  With our area continuously building and growing, water demand and usage will increase, and we will continue to see regional water restrictions in place. When summer’s heat returns, your established drought-tolerant and well-adapted plants (and your budget!) will love you.


- Open 4th of July until 3pm!

- Fertilize your lawn around July 4th with Pro-Rich lawn food.

- Remember to have someone care after your potted containers while on vacation.  Or we can help you replant them when you return!

-Our final day open will be July 31st!


- Plant Iris rhizomes and fall blooming crocus.

- pick up a pretty houseplant for your kid's new teacher.   Always a great idea to get on their good side early!


- Fertilize your lawn around Labor Day with Pro-Rich lawn food.

-- Plant pansies, mums and fall kale.

- Purchase fall bulbs for gorgeous spring color!


- In mid October plant your fall bulbs.  Plant deep and use bulb food!  Grab one of our bulb planting sheets for great tips on depth, etc...   We plant deeper here than most of the country because of our warm winters!

- Fertilize your lawn around Halloween with Pro-Rich Winterizer.


- Begin planting indoor paperwhite bulbs at 3 week intervals for blooming through the holidays.

- Plant indoor Amaryllis bulbs!

- Feed the Birds! Your feathered friends will appreciate the supplemental food source to help them survive the winter!

- Remember to winter water every 5-6 weeks!


- Remember to winter water every 5-6 weeks!