Pottery, Fountains and Garden Accessories

for your Patio and Garden!

Whatever your style, choosing the accoutrements to create your idyllic yard makes all your hard work in the garden a picture of perfection.

  • Enhance your porch or patio with sophistication and vibrancewith a pot or two.  Our collection of fine ceramic pots come in a wide range of sizes, styles and colors - from brilliant reds to deep water blues, you will enhance your patio or porch with sophistication and vibrance.
  • Make your yard a retreat and resting place with the soothing sounds of water.  We have the best selection of fountains in town!  We run them all so you can hear it before you buy to know you are getting the perfect sound for your garden retreat.  Whether it's for relaxation or blocking noise from neighbors/traffic.  Special orders welcome!
  • Check out our awe inspiring selection of miniature fairy garden accessories!
  • We have a robust selection of seeds (flower, vegetable, herb and grass), fertilizers (plant and lawn), mulches, soils (potting, garden and manures), pest/disease remedies, statuary, trellises, birdbaths, gloves, etc...
  • We carry bee hive starter kits, bird feeders, bird seed and chicken feed/supplies year round and baby chickens in the spring!
  • Choose from a wonderful assortment of organic and natural products.
  • We do not use neonicotinoids in our store!  We have our own beehive on site and want all bees to have a happy and healthy life! 
  • Looking for a special gift?  Groundcovers is sure to have it and if you can't decide we also have gift cards in any denomination.