Get your Aster in here, it's time for the Back to Cool Sale: 

25% off Perennials*** (all sizes), Ornamental Grasses, Ground Covers, and Shrubs***!  

50% off Rose bushes and 30% off Raspberry Shortcake Raspberries!

Valid 9-1 thru 10-1

It's time for everything pumpkin flavored and that also means fall planting time!  We are full of Mums, Pansies, Kale, Rudbeckia and Asters. Fall is a wonderful time to plant, the weather cools off a bit and the plants have a good amount of time to spread out their roots before winter comes.  So fill in those blank spots, replace the tired spring annuals and get excited for the changing seasons!  

***There are a few exclusions to the perennial and shrub sale***


We would like to remind you how important bees are to our gardens and environment.  Before you apply any bug killers in the garden please call us if you are concerned about the toxicity of what you are using.  A great rule of thumb is to apply around dusk so the bees have all bedded down for the evening, this way the product you are applying is dry before bees encounter it the next day.  Also, avoid using systemic insect killers on anything that will bloom during or after your application, if it is finished blooming for the season then you should be okay! 
We also have lots of plants that the bees love to visit if you are looking to attract more bees, butterflies and even hummingbirds to your garden!!!
Thank you for helping protect bees and other pollinators!